Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a strong indicator 0f cardiovascular system issues, and there are also possible hormonal and emotional components. ED symptoms show up 3 years before cardiovascular symptoms appear. Every tissue in your body relies on the blood vessels to deliver nutrients and oxygen, and even more importantly, remove the garbage. The human brain is about 2-3 % of body mass, but it provides 20% of metabolic activity. That is a lot of delivery and removal to do. If your body can’t maintain an erection, it is having a hard time maintaining brain and other organ/gland health. Don’t blame age, the male body should be able to maintain erection function until the end. Taking herbs or drugs to remove the symptom can support quality of life, but identify why it is happening, support the repair of this dysfunction, and your whole body, and being, improves. You feel better inside, your energy levels and clarity of mind return, and you don’t have to think about what the next body part is to not function properly. Change this momentum now so there is less dysfunction to repair.