Digestive and Intestinal issues.

Diagnoses such as IBS, SIBO, Leaky Gut, and Ulcerative Colitis describe symptoms of digestive dysfunction, they do not identify why there are symptoms, why your body’s inflammatory pathways are activated. The inflammation is how your body is trying to repair, attempting to return to normal function. Functional digestion results in minimal gas, no bloating or other intestinal inflammation, no burping, heartburn or acid reflux, and daily bowel movements that are formed and soft. Functional digestion results from food choices, proper acid and enzyme secretion in the stomach, bile released from the liver and gallbladder, enzymes from the pancreas, enzymes secreted along the border of the intestinal lining, and the multitude of microbes that comprise your microbiome. Stress hormones suppress all digestive functions. No matter what health condition you are experiencing, functional digestion is a prerequisite to obtain and maintain good health and vitality. Often laboratory test findings are inconclusive of cause and solutions. Techniques that interact with a body’s innate intelligence have proven to be effective for identifying causes and solutions for the various digestive dysfunctions.