Hashimoto’s and other Autoimmune conditions.

Your body isn’t stupid. There are reasons why your immune system is over reactive to your own tissues. A foundational cause of all AI conditions is intestinal infection/inflammation which sets up your immune cells to over react to microbes, chemicals, and your own tissues. When a body can’t eliminate a toxin through normal excretion routes (urination, bowel movements, sweating, breathing), which rely on proper liver, kidney and intestinal function, it will move toward inflammatory pathways (which is the immune system) to remove the toxins. Combine this with toxins being deposited in highly metabolically active tissue, such as thyroid, and heightened immune activity occurs in that tissue. There are many nutrients and drugs that can calm down the immune system, but they don’t work long term if the cause of the immune system activation is not addressed. Often a strategy of calming down the immune system is necessary to provide enough time for the causal dysfunction to be repaired.