Weight Loss

Inability to lose weight is often more than the simple calories in (food choices), and calories out (level and type of movement) model. These factors must be accounted for, but there are plenty of people exercising on a regular basis and making good food choices who are not successful with maintaining an appropriate weight. Different people respond to different ratios of fats/carbs/proteins and respond differently to different eating schedules (extended or reduced time between meals). Intestinal integrity, liver and bile function, unresolved infections or other inflammation conditions, and imbalances of hormones (such as low thyroid, progesterone, and/or elevated cortisol, estrogen) play significant roles in maintaining fat storage. As with most chronic conditions, it is not one action that brings weight into balance, it is brought into balance by promoting/repairing overall body function. Take the time and make the effort to support your body’s return to proper function and not only will you feel better, more energetic and clear mind, your weight will return to its ideal range.