The transition through menopause should be a fairly symptom -free transition, except for no more menstrual bleeding and that arousal spark you may have noticed during your ovulation time changes as ovulation stops. The common phenomena of hot flashes, night sweats, and/or emotional turmoil are symptoms of correctable dysfunction(s), they are not normal. Likewise, vaginal dryness and discomfort are not a normal part of aging, comfortable intercourse is consistent with healthy body function. Taking hormones can help reduce and even eliminate some symptoms, but they don’t correct why your body wasn’t doing this normal function on its own. Yes, it is easy to mask symptoms, but correcting the underlying dysfunction will benefit your entire body because the organs and glands that support proper menstrual function have many other responsibilities. What else isn’t functioning properly? Many women with menopausal symptoms had menstrual cycle symptoms too. Please read my note on menstrual cycles. There are usually components of bile/liver dysfunction and adrenal issues on top of whatever else your body is working on correcting. Help your body make its own hormones, help it regenerate hormone receptor sites so your tissues remain healthy and functional, help it to prevent or remove brain fog, to promote cardiovascular and bone function. A functional body can enjoy sexual ability until the end. You and your body can do this.