Brain fog, Dementia, Alzheimer’s

Don’t buy the “I’m getting older, so my brain isn’t going to work as well” philosophy. Our brains should be vibrant, able take in information, adapt as needed, and manage our bodies to function well. Your brain is completely dependent on the rest of your body to supply it with everything it needs so it can specialize in its job of neurons communicating with each other and monitoring and adapting to your environment through regulating all of your organs and hormones. Your brain is never going to be the only system to be dysfunctional in your body. With brain dysfunction symptoms, I commonly find issues of digestive and intestinal dysfunction, liver dysfunction, kidney dysfunction, poor blood sugar regulation, and upregulated immune system activity. Combining brain regeneration support with supporting the repair of other dysfunctions will allow your neurons to repair, grow, become functional again. Change the momentum of decline, because if you are experiencing any brain symptoms, it has been developing for years. It is reasonable to assume that it will take some time to change the momentum, so do what it takes to motivate yourself to recognize how serious it is. Because of momentum, it will never be easier than now to start doing what it takes to turn things in the right direction. Don’t let the momentum build in the wrong direction, work with me to find the solutions to restore clarity and vibrancy.