I believe our bodies have all the answers to our health problems; we simply need to utilize a blend of Eastern and Western medicine to seek out those answers in order to improve our health. I founded the Newberg Natural Health Center with this philosophy at the forefront of my mind, as well as a dedication to the melding of Eastern medicine and modern medical science for the betterment of human health and wellness.

My journey did not begin with a specific interest in human health, but rather a passion for the biological sciences, specifically ecosystems, the interaction of all life forms, and the environments in which they exist. I was fortunate enough to study with a botany professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, enrolling in every class he taught. Inspired by his teachings, I pursued a Ph.D. through the Department of Plant Pathology.

During my research, I discovered that all life depends on the interactions between small and large life forms, that is, that small microbes like bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites depend on connections with larger life forms like plants, animals, and humans. While I thoroughly enjoyed my research, I soon realized that I did not want to make it my career. Instead, I wanted to concentrate on understanding and improving the health of those around me. I refocused my work and myself by taking a break from academia.

While on break from research, I explored commercial fishing in Alaska and worked as a kayak guide and instructor. In these roles, I observed the effects of stress and environmental toxins on basic human functions and discovered my new focus. I turned to Oriental medicine and a naturopathic approach, as they both closely fit with my conception of the world as an ecosystem. I wanted to learn more about why human health is deteriorating and the necessary steps to addressing these underlying causes.

Having found my niche, I founded the Newberg Natural Health Center and focused my attention on the intricate relationships between human cells, organs, and tissues, and the microbes that share our bodies, distinguishing between those chemicals in our environment that are life-promoting and those that are life-harming. My practice promotes a balance of nutrients to combat the toxins found in our environment, and seeks to find answers from within, as well as without, to solve the puzzles of restoring health.

My own journey to improved health proves this relationship between life forms and their environment. With the techniques produced from combining Eastern and Western medical approaches, I resolved my 45-year-long battle with digestive issues, unstable blood sugar levels, and fluctuating brain fogginess.

The answers to your health problems can be found by working with your body, rather than by taking over its functions. I invite you to schedule a consultation with me today to discuss your trials and tribulations, so that we may come up with an individualized plan of action for improving your health.

I’d love to take the time to explain to you how my approach can solve your problems and improve your health within a short timeframe. Reach out today for a better, healthier tomorrow!