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Understanding that your health challenges are unique, Dr. Riogeist investigates the development of your symptoms and the actions you have taken to date. He knows that your body has the knowledge and ability to repair when given the proper support, so he works to identify the sequence of steps your body requires to regain health and vitality. Jens’ life-long interest in science, which led to earning his Ph.D. and then studying the foundations of natural healthcare, brings an understanding of the complex web of interactions within your body, and between your body and your environment, that leads to the solution for your health challenges. SCHEDULE WITH Dr. Jens Riogeist


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The transition through menopause should be a fairly symptom -free transition, except…Read More

Menstrual Cycles

A normal menstrual cycle should be fairly symptom free other than the…Read More

Digestive and Intestinal issues.

Diagnoses such as IBS, SIBO, Leaky Gut, and Ulcerative Colitis describe symptoms…Read More

Arthritis, joint and muscle pain.

Arthritis is a classic symptom describing diagnosis, “arth” meaning joint, “itis” meaning…Read More

Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a strong indicator 0f cardiovascular system issues, and there…Read More

Brain fog, Dementia, Alzheimer’s

Don’t buy the “I’m getting older, so my brain isn’t going to…Read More

Weight Loss

Inability to lose weight is often more than the simple calories in…Read More


One way to think of fatigue is like a checking account where…Read More

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