My Approach

The following describes my approach to solving your healthcare issues through Nutritional Medicine.


Step 1 is Gathering Information About You

The foundation of Nutritional Medicine is based on the knowledge that our bodies have the ability to function healthily and repair dysfunction given the proper nutrients and removal of stressors involved in dysfunction.  All body’s are unique in their underlying patterns of health and disease which is why nutritional programs designed specifically for your condition(s) are extremely effective for you, but not for anyone else.

Deep and lasting healing is only possible when the root causes of illness are addressed.  By understanding the core systems of the body, how they are related, and how their function can be restored, many chronic illnesses can be prevented and even reversed.

Nutritional Medicine is an investigative process finding the underlying cause of why your body is producing the symptoms you are experiencing.

I use the best from conventional and alternative medicine to gather the information to solve your case.  Information comes from blood, saliva, and urine tests; hair mineral analysis; heart rate variability measurements; metabolic assessment forms;  neurotransmitter assessment forms;  in depth medical history;  and listening to you.

In attempting to understand the underlying dysfunction that is affecting our health, it is important to recognize that the above mentioned tests and assessments provide information on symptoms of your body’s attempts to repair the underlying dysfunction. These symptoms may be critical for understanding the causal issues, but they do not indicate what the cause is.


This is why so many people still suffer their health issues after numerous tests and medicine and nutritional supplement protocols.

Symptoms are communications from our body that something is wrong, not what is wrong.  To determine underlying causes of health dysfunction requires engaging in a communication process with your body’s “computer” system, the autonomic nervous system (ANS). This system is responsible for maintaining and repairing all of your body functions that you don’t consciously control such as breathing, digestion, hormone and neurotransmitter control, and muscle movement.

Body biochemical measurements such as blood, urine, and saliva tests provide useful data about your body; however they are symptoms of your body’s attempt to repair/maintain a healthy balance (homeostasis).  They do not indicate the underlying causes of any imbalances.  The data from tests are important to identify or rule out dysfunction, but to identify the underlying cause of dysfunction requires interacting with the ANS.

Muscle testing is a technique that connects neural circuits in your body. This allows sense to be made of all the symptoms gathered by the above mentioned laboratory tests and assessments. This technique removes guess work in your body’s repair process by identifying which neural circuits are under stress, what factors are causing that stress, and what support your body requires to reduce/eliminate that stress.

There are several schools of muscle testing procedures, such as Autonomic Response Testing, Nutritional Response Testing, Contact Reflex Analysis and Applied Kinesiology. While they each have their unique characteristics, what they have in common is their ability to communicate with the body’s ANS. Read the section on ART to learn why I consider ART to be the most effective technique of muscle testing.

When performed properly, muscle response testing determines which organ(s) or gland(s) need support, what stressor(s) (toxin, pathogen, food etc.) is/are causing the dysfunction, and what nutritional therapy products are needed to promote your body’s return to homeostasis.  With muscle testing, your body will indicate when function has been restored and no longer needs nutritional support. Muscle response testing has been scientifically, and most importantly, clinically proven to be highly effective in promoting this repair process.


Why we use nutritional and herbal supplements:

There is nothing more important to our health than what foods we chose to consume. Our food is no longer nutritionally dense enough to adequately promote health repair.  The nutritional products we use are highly concentrated whole food supplements, bio-available minerals, herbs, and a few select synthetic vitamins that allow your body to rebuild/restore function.  Once the function has been restored, most supplements are no longer needed provided you follow reasonable eating programs beneficial for your unique body needs (we help you with this).


My job is to help your body improve its health.

Healthcare for the 21st  century refers to the integration of alternative and conventional medicine with the goal of what is best for your return to, and maintenance of, your health. Nutritional Medicine is neither conventional nor alternative medicine. It’s a combination of the best elements of both, and it represents the future of medicine. That’s why I call it “medicine for the 21st century.”

My focus is on nutritional therapy whenever possible because this is what has the greatest ability to support your body’s ability to rebuild function.

Sometimes integrating conventional and alternative methods is the best approach for you.  We readily collaborate with your medical doctor when pharmaceutical care is an important part of your health program. Conventional medicine’s primary focus is to utilize pharmaceutical drugs to change a symptom. There are times when this is very important, such as with extremely high blood pressure; however, high blood pressure is a symptom and fixing the underlying cause is necessary to eventually get off the medications (with your medical doctor’s supervision) and their side effects. Another example is if your thyroid gland is completely dysfunctional you may need to take thyroid hormone continuously as prescribed by your medical doctor.


Treatment Approaches Personalized for You

Nutritional therapy, herbal medicine, stress management, diet modification, detoxification and lifestyle changes are utilized as required by your body to restore proper function.

The supplements that we use for nutritional and herbal therapy are produced by companies that use the highest quality materials and processing standards.  Their quality allows greater lasting health improvement over a shorter length of time.


Join our Newberg Natural Health Center community to regain your health, and we will help you promote lifelong health and vitality.